Ultimate Remover (Cream)

Our ultimate cream remover removes lash extensions in minutes, quickly dissolving the extension adhesive & has a thick consistency to prevent it running into the clients eyes. Directions for use: Apply under eye pads on your client.Apply a layer of cream remover to the base of the lash extensions on top of the glue Bond. Let it work its magic for 3-5minutes and then using a microfiber applicator gently brush away the lash extensions once the glue has been dissolved. Thoroughly cleanse the natural lashes to make sure they are completely clean as if they are not and any remover is left this will affect the new lashes you apply.
  • Disclamer

    This Cream Remover is for use by professionals only. You should only purchase this product if you are a trained and certified lash technician. Lashes By India can’t be held accountable for misuse of this product or damages caused by this product.