Ultimate Primer

Ultimate Primer

Our ultimate primer is the perfect first step after cleansing. It removes any oils and residue that could affect retention while keeping the natural lash at a optimal ph balance to help the adhesive grab perfectly. This primer works perfectly with our adhesives. Speeds up adhesive dry time & gives it the ultimate bond!


*Directions for use: Apply a small drop of primer onto a microfiber applicator.Do not use alot and wipe off any excess product if necessary.Brush gently over clients natural lashes and do not rinse off* 

  • Disclamer

    This Primer is for use by professionals only. You should only purchase this product if you are a trained and certified lash technician. Lashes By India can’t be held accountable for misuse of this product or damages caused by this product.

  • Refunds/Returns/Cancellations

    We do not accept any returns, refunds or cancellations. please see the customer service section for more info.

  • Ingredients

    H20, Ethyl alcohol, PVP, Sodium Polyacrylate