Mega Retention Super Bonder

Mega Retention Super Bonder

Our new mega retention super bonder! This incredible product will improve your retention & bond of your adhesive. it instantly polymerises your adhesive without shock curing it creating a sealed & flexible bond, also because it will instantly cure your adhesive it locks in the fumes and reduces sensitivity. client also wont have to worry about getting there lashes wet as the bond has already been sealed. a must have product in your lash trolley! cost effective as only a small amount is needed. 


To use wait 2-3 minutes after completing the set either dip a microfibre brush into the product and apply across the glue bond or use the brush applicator provided. 


Maximizes retention 

Works with any adhesive 

polymerises the glue without shock curing

reduces fumes & sensitivity

your clients can get there lashes wet after

Cruelty free 

shelf life unopened 24m / opened 6m 


  • Ingredients

    Di-water, Ethyl alcoholTitanate L 12, Alkoxsilane, Sodium Gluconate

  • Refunds/Returns/Cancellations

    We do not accept any returns, refunds or cancellations. please see the customer service section for more info.