Deluxe Velvet Russian Lash Trays

Deluxe Velvet Russian Lash Trays

The Fluffiest Of Them All.... Used & Loved By Lash Artists Worldwide 


Our Deluxe Velvet Russian Lash Trays Are.. 

Ultra soft & lightweight

Highest quality PBT materials

Consistant curl throughout the tray

Long lasting curl that does not drop 

True jet black colour 

Fan out with ease to create perfect russian volume sets 

The perfect amount of stick on the strip 

Suitable for beginners to advanved artists 

Work with multiple fanning techniques 

Foil strip backs for easy & clean removal from lash tiles 

Trialed & tested to ensure premium quality 

Cruelty Free & Vegan



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    This product is for use by professionals only. You should only purchase this product if you are a trained and certified lash technician. Lashes By India can’t be held accountable for misuse of this product or damages caused by this product.

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